I'll be going.

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Welcome to gotnoah.com. There's a blog. I update it once in a while, when I get drunk and maudlin.

I am on Facebook. Horrified, but there. Look me up under my real name at your peril.


If you're looking for photos of the Great Bonet-Gorin Wedding Of 2007, they can be found here, right here, clicky this thing.

If you're a wee bit more savvy, have several extra gigabytes of space on your hard drive, a huge bandwidth pipe, a day or so to spare, and the desire to download a copy of the wedding photos DVD containing (among other things) the original monstrously huge photos files, well then. Have at. Your Friendly Neighborhood World-Wide-Webslinger recommends 7-Zip for all your free file-compression program needs.


And of course, if you're looking for the Space Bus Board, it's here.


Yes, there used to be some other stuff here. Soon there will be some other stuff here again. You know how it is.